Fabricating 28 Tonne Hybrid Vierendeel Trusses for ESJ

Hybrid Vierendeel Truss for ESJ

This week, BHC’s workshop have been busy fabricating Hybrid Vierendeel trusses on line 5 – a new record for the fabrication line – for the re-development of the Edinburgh St James Centre. 

Each truss weighs approximately 28 tonnes and measures 18.6m long with a total of 860m of weld.

The Hybrid Vierendeel trusses will generate a moment of 15,000 kNm at the vertical post with end connections having a force of 4,000 kN in shear.

A total of 452 M30 TCB bolts will be used in the splice and bracing connections, with a further 80 M36 bolts being used in the end connections.

A new record was achieved this week on line 5 with just over 300 tonnes of steelwork being fabricated.

The trusses will be used to support 8 floor levels of the development.

ESJ 28 Tonnes

ESJ 28 tonnes

ESJ 28 Tonne

ESJ 28 tonne truss